Ernest H. (Ernie) Turner, Jr. is a Shreveport native and a 1955 graduate of Centenary College. He couples expertise in asbestos and lead abatement with knowledge from more than 50 years in construction. A well-known contractor, he founded Duo Contracting, Inc E. Turner Properties before Abatement Services, Inc.
As a member of the National Homebuilders Association, Ernie Turner served on its nationals remodeling committee and has participated as an expert panelist in seminars and programs in 16 states. He has been qualified in Louisiana’s First Judicial District Court and Federal District Court as an expert witness for insurance companies and other clients.
Ernie Turner is graduate of the Texas A&M University course for “Supervision and Practices for Asbestos Abatement Projects” and completed the Tulane University course in “Supervision of Asbestos Abatement Projects.” He also has completed similar courses in lead paint abatement, mold redediation and a course at LSU in hazardous waste.
Ernie Turner has a personal involvement in the daily work of the company which includes customer service, estimating and field supervisor.
Jeffrey William (Jeff) Turner shares Emie’s dedication to high quality and competence. He also shares the family tradition of hands-on experience and fully certified in asbestos abatement and lead paint abatement. Jeff Turner has completed both the National Asbestos Council’s “Worker Training Program” and Texas A&M University course for “Supervision and Practices for Asbestos Abatement Projects” and more courses in lead paint abatement and mold remediation.
A 1979 graduate of the University of Oklahoma, Jeff has a BA in finance and early in his career was instrumental in the design and implementation of the company’s sophisticated job cost accounting system.
The administrator of insurance and bonding program as well as estimating and customer service are included in his daily responsibilities.
Brian E. Bristow is the general manger of Abatement Services, Inc.
Brian’s experiences in the asbestos, mold, and lead industry began in 1987. Since that time, he has been involved in every aspect of the business.
Brian’s professional training is very extensive and includes courses at University of Texas, LSU, and Purdue University.
Management experience includes estimating, scheduling, and daily supervision of multiple large scale projects for asbestos, leads and scaffolding. Hands on experiences in multi-family, commercial, and industrial settings preceded his management involvement.
Brian’s commitment to quality insures our clients of quality workmanship and management for every project.