About Us


The owners of Duo Contracting Inc., having identified asbestos abatement work as a viable market for the future, set about entering the asbestos abatement business in early 1986.

Research involving insurance, regulations, market and production were complete by year end and the decision to move ahead was affirmed.

It was the decision of owners, E. H. and J. W. Turner, to separate the abatement activities and the general construction activities of Duo Inc. In 1987 a new company, Abatement Services Inc., was formed and incorporated as a Louisiana corporation for abatement and remediation. Duo Inc. is the owner of Abatement Services, Inc.

Throughout the spring and summer of 1987 more research continued and acquaintances with active abatement contractors in other states were made. At the invitation of these contractors, E. H. Turner visited and worked “hands on” inside containment on their jobs to further learn and gain experience in the business.

It was late summer of 1987 when Abatement Services, Inc. began bidding asbestos abatement projects. Equipment had been purchased, insurance in force and workers officially trained. Today Abatement Services, Inc. has completed thousands of remediation jobs in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

Annually, Environmental Protection Agency and OSHA training courses for workers and supervisors are taught to upgrade knowledge and skills. A fully trained and certified work force is available for both large and small abatement work.

In 1990, owners of Abatement Services, Inc. became interested in lead abatement and completed certification and licensing requirements in September 1991. Since that time, many lead abatement projects have been successfully completed. A full lead abatement services is offered today.

In 2001 mold remediation was added to the services offered by Abatement Services, Inc. To date many jobs have been successfully completed in this growing market.

Abatement Services, Inc. is well trained, equipped, experienced and committed to a cleaner environment.