Our Services


A team of highly trained, caring individuals with a variety of experiences has made Abatement Services, Inc. a regional leader among contractors in the abatement industry.

Respirators and decontamination equipment play a role, but skill, experience and responsible concern are the most important ingredients for a cost- effective turn-key job… Attitude is everything.

Our staff is trained, licensed and updated annually by industry experts and consultants. Regulations of the various states where Abatement Services, Inc. pursues remediation work are compulsory training for supervisors and workers.

Abatement Services, Inc. focuses on safety at a reasonable price. We adhere to strict safeguards for the protection of employees, clients and the public. Sampling, monitoring and laboratory testing are used wherever necessary. Abatement Services, Inc. is concerned about the environment because we care about people.

Our equipment and work practices are the art, and we are continually updating to stay abreast of developments in technology. Our knowledge of regulations and experience with government agencies enables us to bring you into full compliance with regulatory statutes. We end your headaches with asbestos, lead, and mold because we do your red-tape worrying for you.

We understand your need-to-know and speak your language. You will get complete documentation from us addressing the full range of asbestos, lead, and mold issues.

Best of all, you will enjoy the confidence that comes from dealing with dedicated professionals who take pride in every detail of their work. You may be assured of meticulous clean-up and waste disposal.

Abatement Services, Inc. is managed on a daily basis by E. H. Turner, Jr., Jeff W. Turner, and Brian Bristow, construction and abatement veterans. The company offers it’s services as either a general contractor or a subcontractor.

Today, Abatement Services, Inc. record of satisfied customers speaks for itself.